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Go on a world tour without leaving the comfort of your couch

How would you like zooming in to your neighbors' window and having a look at what they're having right now for lunch? How would you like taking a leap, with the speed of light, to a far away land, and finding out for yourself whether the person driving the car that's exactly passing by is wearing eyeglasses or not? If you're excitedly nodding your head in agreement, you're in for a long wait until technology sufficiently evolves… but until then, you can have some fun with Google Earth.
Google Earth is a geographic software program based on the Google Maps service which views satellite images in excellent resolution, depicting anywhere on the face of the Earth. In addition to satellite images which allow zooming in and finding the old street you used to live in, Google has added over the years several layers of information, such as historic buildings restorations, extinct species information in accordance with geographical areas they used to inhabit, and more.
In spite of its name which focuses on the planet you're (currently) residing in, Google Earth also provides information on distant planets and will have you knowing all about the solar system, and will enable you to take a stroll on the face of Mars and to explore the Moon's craters. If you're interested in travelling not only distance but also through time, Google Earth will allow you to reconstruct historical images of places of interest and to find out how they looked before (earthquakes, rising of the sea level, mountains wore down).
Google Earth offers a variety of nice features you should find out about all by yourself, but don’t miss out on the flight simulation feature that will enable you to experience, no matter for how brief a moment, how the Earth looks like from a bird's eye view.
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